6 Best Sunscreen To Protect Your Tattoos From Sunburn

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Your favorite tattoo art might fade or break down when you continuously expose it to UV light. However, you can keep your tattoo looking fresh for many years by purchasing the best sunscreen to protect your tattoos.

Adopting an after-care routine for your new ink art is crucial; in this case, the best tattoo protection is sunscreen. Sunscreen is not only going to moisturize your skin, but it is also going to help heal your skin.

So, below are some of the best sunscreen products you can use as your new tattoo protector.

Let’s check them out!

Best Sunscreen To Protect Your Tattoos – 6 Best Picks

1. Best for All Skin Types: Supergoo! Unseen Sunscreen

This supergoo unseen sunscreen SPF 40 is just the screen everyone would love to have.

Firstly, the sunscreen is scentless, weightless, 100% invisible, reel friendly, helps to filter blue light, and most importantly, it is perfect for all skin types.

It contains hydrating ingredients and a unique 0il-free formula that blends well onto your skin to help protect your tattoos from harsh sun rays.

Additionally, this SPF 40 contains powerful and clean such as meadowfoam seeds and soothing frankincense that help in protecting and nourishing your skin.

This screen’s lightweight texture and smoothness also make it perfect for use as a make-up primer. And besides, it can also be used by men as it works well with a beard. 

2. Best Unscented Sunscreen: CeraVe 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

The CeraVe sunscreen contains three main ingredients, ceramides, 100% mineral sunscreen, and hyaluronic acid.

The ceramides in the sunscreen help restore the damaged natural ceramides found on your skin. These ceramides protect your skin from sun rays.

The 100% mineral sunscreen reflects UBV/UVA rays to help protect your skin. Besides, the sunscreen’s hyaluronic acid helps retain the skin moisture to prevent it from drying up. 

This SPF 50  sunscreen is formulated without chemical filters, oxybenzone, paraben, and fragrance; hence, it is perfect for all skin types and people allergic.

But instead, the sunscreen contains physical filters such as titanium and zinc oxide.

3. Best for Moisturizing: Mad Rabbit Defend Tattoo Sunscreen

This SPF 30 is formulated with zinc oxide, good for skin soothing, and antioxidants like carrot extract, vitamin C, and rosehip oil to shield your skin from harsh elements.

In addition, the SPF sunscreen also contains potent antioxidants, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory agents to protect and help reverse damaged skin by restoring the skin barrier.

The 100% mineral sunscreen helps protect tattoos and skin from damage from exposure to UBV/UVA rays, radicles, and pollution.

The Mad Rabbit Defend Tattoo Screen contains the anti-aging formula that helps to fight premature aging of your skin.

4. Best for Perfect Finish: ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica Mineral Sunscreen

This SPF 50 contains an ultralight formula that absorbs fast when applied to the skin without leaving the skin feeling heavy. It also contains photolyase enzymes that help to repair the existing sun damage.

Besides, the silky emulsion gives a perfect makeup base with no greasy or white finish. Furthermore, this SPF 50 sunscreen is water resistant and can protect your skin for at least forty minutes while sweating or in water.

The sunscreen is Formulated with zinc oxide that helps to block harmful elements such as UBV and UVA rays. It is also formulated with vitamin E, which helps to boost the skin to develop natural defenses.

5. Best Lightweight: Sun Bum Tinted Sunscreen

A good sunscreen protects and moisturizes your tattoo skin. This SPF 30-tinted sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide to help soothe the tattooed skin.

Besides, this sunscreen is hypoallergenic and gluten-free, making it perfect for use by all skin types.

The sunscreen is lightweight and silky to blend well on your skin while leaving your skin feeling natural, protected, and clean.

Apart from protecting your tattooed skin, this screen acts as a primer forming a good base for make-up as it glides well like butter.

And finally, this sunscreen lotion is not formulated with harsh chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate that might harm your skin.

6. Best Water Resistant: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen

This SPF 60 sunscreen lotion gives your skin a spectrum of broad protection. It is water resistant as you can stay in water for eighty minutes without it coming off.

This sunscreen lotion is formulated without octinoxate and oxybenzone; thus, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

It is lightweight and formulated with a simple formula to hydrate and shield your skin against harmful sun rays.

La Roche-Posay sunscreen contains antioxidants and a tropical leaf extract to help fight free radicals from the sun and which cause skin aging.

Its lightweight nature is best for use as a base for make-up as it easily layers under make-up.


A good sunscreen lotion for tattoos should have a lightweight texture and a matte finish so that it won’t look shiny or oily when applied to your skin tattoo.

Besides, a sunscreen lotion formulated with natural ingredients will keep your skin and tattoo healthy and moisturized.

Check the list above to find the best sunscreen lotion to protect your tattoos.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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