Can You Use Baby Soap on Tattoos?

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If you have a new cool tattoo on your body, you are most likely excited about it, and you ought to keep it clean. But can you use baby soap on tattoos? Let’s find that out below.

A new tattoo that is fresh from drawing contains scars that have not yet healed. Therefore you need to maintain high hygiene standards to avoid infections.

Many tattoo soaps on the market are designed to be used only for tattooed skin. However, the downside to tattoo soaps is that they are a bit expensive.

If you want to spend less and still get the same result, you can resort to using baby soaps, but can you use baby soap on tattoos? 

Stay with me, and we will figure that out soon.

Can You Use Baby Soap on Tattoos as an Adult?

Baby soaps are soaps designed specifically to be used by babies. But can you use baby soap on tattoos? Let s find out. 

Babies, in general, have supple, immature skin that is highly reactive hence the need to design a soap for them since they cannot use adult soap. Such baby skin is almost similar to an adult with a tattoo, only that of an adult who is more mature.

Baby soaps are formulated uniquely as they do not contain harmful chemicals. The ingredients in the soap are gentle on any skin and destroy all harmful bacteria present on the skin, leaving your skin bacteria-free. Baby soap is also hypo allergic and helps heal tattoos easily.

The skin of someone who has a tattoo is delicate and has many open wounds which need to be free from germs. To keep such a delicate skin germ-free, you need to use a less reactive soap with the same cleansing power as other soaps; therefore, a baby soap will do an equally perfect job.

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How to Clean your Tattoo with Baby Soap

After having your tattoo done, it is crucial to maintain high levels of hygiene to avoid infections. Baby soap is great for washing fresh tattoos since it facilitates faster healing and nourishes your skin immensely.

  • Before washing, you first remove the bandage from the tattoo, then wash your hands, preferably with lukewarm water using the baby soap. Since you will use your hands in handling your fresh tattoo, it is important to wash them to remove germs.
  • After hand washing, lather the soap with your hands using water, then apply the foam gently to the tattoo area. When applying the foam, ensure you spread it smoothly on every part while rubbing gently to avoid irritating the skin.
  • After spreading, wash away the foam using warm water. When you are positive there is no residual foam on the tattoo, you can just let the tattoo area dry in the air naturally.
  • When drying, you should avoid using any rough material such as cloth as it may contain germs or irritate the skin. It would be best to use a smoother paper towel that causes no skin irritation.
  • When the area is completely dry, you can apply an ointment or moisturizing lotion to leave your tattoo area looking clean and vibrant.
  • To maintain a high level of cleanliness, you can wash the tattoo area three to four times a day, then use aftercare cream to protect the tattoo layer. After some days, excess ink will appear on the paper but do not worry as it is perfectly normal.
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Benefits of Using Baby Soap on Tattoo

Baby soaps have been tested and proven to give outstanding results on delicate skin. Since your skin has tattoo wounds, it is delicate and more susceptible to infections, but a baby soap has some benefits, which we will discuss below.

  •  It keeps your skin moisturized. Baby soap moisturizes your skin perfectly, making it soft and supple. Unlike other soaps, baby soaps have less harsh ingredients which are unscented and do not dehydrate the skin, making them perfect for delicate tattooed skin.  
  • Baby soaps are made of natural ingredients that do not affect any skin. Natural ingredients do not have any harmful substance and leave your skin looking fresh and clean.  
  • Baby soaps are also hypoallergenic and free of chemicals. Once the skin barrier is strengthened enough by the baby oil, natural oils can stick around and protect your skin from harmful germs. Baby soaps also have unique skincare regimens that help rebuild your broken skin barrier leaving it as good as new.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use baby soap on sensitive skin?

Yes, it is the best option because it comes with natural and organic ingredients. It is gentle on sensitive skin since it is free from harsh chemicals; you do not have to worry about using it on tattooed skin.

Should I wash my tattoo?

Just like bathing, washing your tattoo is mandatory. After getting a tattoo, your skin may be exposed to open wounds from the tattoo needle. To keep the wounds free from infections, you should wash your tattoo skin with lukewarm water and baby soap.

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Wrap Up

The post above talks about baby soap and why it is preferred when washing tattooed skin. If you want to keep your skin soft, supple, and free from infections, baby soap is the soap to fulfill your dream skin.If you want to make your tattoo cleaning session worth it, try using baby soap, and you will not regret it. All the best in your tattoo cleaning sessions.

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