Centipede Tattoo Meaning Explained

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If it crossed your mind to get one, here is a centipede tattoo meaning post exclusively for you!

First, centipedes are arthropods characterized by their lengthy bodies and numerous legs. Recently, many people have been getting centipede tattoos.

Because of this, compared to the symbolism of other insects or bugs that you would like to add to the design of your tattoo, they have a fairly distinctive meaning.

Centipede Tattoo Meaning Explained

Hard Work

The centipede isn’t something to put on a show. It may function in the dark and improve the fertility of the soil. It is a metaphor for hard work because the outcomes will be flawless if you put in the effort without caring what other people think of your efforts.

Spirituality and Wisdom

This particular action will lead to wisdom. The centipede is a powerful emblem in many cultures because of its status as a supernatural creature. The centipede, which acts as a messenger between the Underworld and the surface world, is sometimes shown as a tattoo encircled by skulls.


Introverts and persons who are comfortable spending time alone at home, away from the company of others, to focus on themselves would benefit tremendously from this option. The centipede has earned the nickname “Great Digger” due to its ability to dig into concealed areas where no other species can.

Fortune and Good Luck

Even though they are frightening, these animals are also a symbol of good luck and wealth. It is a common superstition in Asian societies to assume that good fortune is on the way if a centipede makes its way inside your house. One of the interpretations of their ancient centipede tattoos is that if you permanently tattoo your skin with a centipede, you will be blessed with good fortune.

Because of its unique form, this arthropod is an excellent choice for any placement or type of tattoo. Because it is lengthy and has many legs and curves, it looks even more magnificent when used for creating. When it comes to the location of this tattoo, there are an overwhelming number of options available.

Positioning a Centipede Tattoo on the Body

Most people decide to get centipede tattoos on their backs. When it comes to this particular body part, two centipedes are often tattooed onto it, one on each side of the shoulder. Since the center is never filled in, you are free to add anything you choose to make your tattoo seem even more incredible than it already is.

There are a lot of centipede tattoos that are combined with other components to make a sleeve tattoo. This is also frequently seen on the hands, fingers, and arms. 

In addition, the green or black centipede tattoo is highly popular. This is likely because it may be colored in various cool colors, giving the impression of being raised from the skin.

Getting a centipede tattoo is not something that most females go for, but many women have a smaller version of one of these spiritual guardians on their ankles, fingers, or behind their ears on their necks. It is always some charming pattern with gorgeous colors, and there are flowers scattered throughout in various places.

If you appreciate the connotations associated with the centipede tattoo, you might want to consider getting one as your next piece of body art. Your tattoo may always reflect whatever you want it to represent in the end. Before deciding on a design, you should conduct some research beforehand since it is critical to understand what your tattoo means to you personally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tattoo of a centipede represent in Kalinga culture?

The centipede was considered to be a good omen in Philippine culture. According to an anthropologist known as Dr. Lars Krutak, the phrase “bulbulun di mangayaw” in Kalinga translates to “friend of the headhunters,” which refers to this animal. It was clear that ancestral spirits were there when they made their debut.

What does it imply if you discover a centipede in your home?

It indicates that you have access to their food source within your residence. Both living and dead insects are fair food for centipedes’ appetites. You will draw these creepy insects to a dwelling because of the abundance of food that it contains.

Is it possible that centipedes represent jealousy?

The initial homicide was precipitated by jealousy. If you see a centipede, it implies that someone is envious of you. A lengthy trail, or in this case, a treacherous betrayal.

Does the act of slaying a centipede draw greater attention?

According to Montgomery, a dead centipede can lure many scavengers and predators like centipedes.

Which bug best represents the afterlife?

Insects have been held responsible for the mere presence of mortality in humans. According to the Native American legend of the California Yuroks, the locust “wished death into the world” when it first appeared. 

In the mythology of the Wiyot people of California, the locust is also considered to be the cause of death.

What function do centipedes play in the environment?

The fact that centipedes are carnivores and hence predators mean that they can serve a useful role in or near your house in controlling other types of pests. Centipedes found in homes, for instance, have been known to consume silverfish, roaches, flies, and even termites.

What will happen if a centipede crawls on you?

Their bites may be as painful as those caused by bee stings. Larger centipedes may release more venom, producing significant discomfort. 

As soon as you’ve been bitten, you’ll experience pain, redness, and swelling. The duration of these symptoms might range anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Are centipedes pleasant to interact with?

Centipedes can bite, and their bites can be painful. However, they do not typically bite people. These bugs don’t consume blood; rather, they consume other insects. They do, however, store poison in their glands, although the effects of this poison are limited to a stinging or burning sensation in the affected area.

How many offspring does a female centipede give rise to?

The eggs of centipedes are typically laid in the hollows of decaying logs or in the ground itself. The reproductive cycle of the typical indoor centipede can result in the production of up to 35 eggs. Other types of centipedes give rise to young that are already alive. 

Most females will care for their eggs and hatchlings by wrapping their bodies protectively around their young and tending to their needs.

Do centipedes suggest your household is dirty?

The house centipede is not a pest to answer your question in a nutshell. It is natural why some people become anxious when they discover house centipedes in their homes. 

They are nighttime-active insects that move incredibly quickly. On the other hand, home centipedes are not pests.

What does getting a tattoo of an insect mean?

People frequently equate insects with human characteristics; for example, a bee and an ant symbolize hard work, a dragonfly and a butterfly are considered symbols of frivolity and elegance, and a scorpion is considered a symbol of violence.

What does it signify when you see a centipede?

Centipedes are considered a sign of balance. Therefore, if you observe a centipede traveling swiftly, it possesses sufficient equilibrium to move at such a rapid pace. 

This might open doors of opportunity for you. It indicates that you are leading a well-balanced life, which paves the path for you to make rapid progress in several aspects of your life.

Final Thoughts

Centipede tattoos have become popular in the world today. With the many arts and patterns of centipedes available, people have developed a great interest in having them tattooed on their bodies.

With this centipede tattoo meaning explained post, you can choose a centipede pattern that suits you best.

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