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Running Cheetah hand-drawn with ink on white background logo tattoo

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The cheetah, also known as the African cat or African leopard, is one of the fastest land mammals.

The cheetah is native to Africa and is found in open grasslands, savannahs, deserts, and semi-deserts.

Unlike most other big cats, the cheetah has little hair on its body and a distinctive spotted coat.

The origin of the spotted coat of the cheetah remains a mystery. It has been suggested that early man may have tanned skins from slain animals for clothing; however, this cannot be proven.

Some say that early men may have used spotted skins to identify different cheetahs from predators.

Others believe that it was an instinctive response to camouflage against threats such as leopards and hyenas who hunt in packs and will attack any animal they can see clearly enough to identify.

Regardless of the reason for their distinctive markings, many young men throughout Africa have been tattooing their bodies with designs similar to those on their animal totem since ancient times.

The image above shows how a traditional cheetah print is completed with tribal tattoos on various parts of the body.

This tattoo meaning gives insight into why so many young men get designs like these inked onto their skin.

Leopard print tattoos for females

A leopard print tattoo meaning is like a cheetah print meaning that is more feminine.

The leopard print is more popular with women than men, but it can be used on both genders.

The leopard print was derived from the black spots of a cheetah and has experienced a lot of name changes throughout history.

The tattoo meaning for the leopard print has also changed over time. Historically, it meant “unusual” or “original.”

In the 19th century, it was changed to mean “wild” or “naughty.”

Nowadays, the tattoo meaning for this design is often associated with sex appeal or amateurism due to its popularity among teen girls.

Cheetah print tattoo on thigh

The most common body part to tattoo is the thigh. The cheetah print is a popular motif in African tribal tattoos.

These tattoos have symbolic meaning and are used as an identity marker for males, often with a religious overtone.

It has been suggested that the cheetah print was used in ancient times to show ownership of animals or land by showing they had killed the animal and taken its skin as a trophy.

This tattoo meaning suggests that the cheetah print has long been associated with virility and strength since it represents hunting prowess and hunting territory.

There is also a suggestion that it may be connected to bravery because it represents taking on a predator or other threats without fear.

But, it is also possible that this tattoo meaning reflects ideals of masculinity, like toughness and raw power.

Cheetah print tattoo on shoulder

This tattoo meaning is a depiction of a cheetah, the African cat, and an all-around exciting animal.

The tattoo symbolizes power and speed, the two qualities of this feline that make it one of the most incredible animals on Earth.

This particular tattoo has been done in black ink with red outlines and patches of color throughout the design, which is done traditionally with tribal tattoos like this one.

The placement of this tattoo is on the left shoulder as it typically appears on traditional tribal designs.

Cheetah tattoo with flowers

The cheetah tattoo design with flowers is a popular choice among women in the United States.

Although this design has been around for quite some time, it has seen a recent surge in popularity.

This design has been chosen by many as an alternative to traditional tribal tattoos.

This design features a large flower on the chest or neck that is surrounded by smaller flowers with stems.

The flower’s stem forms into a V shape that adorns the entire chest or neck area.

The meaning of this particular design is typified by love, purity, and femininity. It can also represent someone who has passed away in the past and still carries their beauty with them everywhere they go.

Cheetah print tattoo arm

The arm is a common area for tattoo designs, including tribal tattoos. The pattern on the arm is a symbol that represents power and strength.

Additionally, the cheetah print tattoo meaning can be found as a part of many different tribal tattoos.

These patterns are used by some cultures to identify themselves and to show their allegiance to their tribe.

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