Does Vegan Tattoo Ink Fade Faster?

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The idea that vegan tattoo ink fades faster than regular ink is not true yet widespread. Tattoos with poor ink will typically start fading much quicker than with high-quality ink, whether vegan or not.

The vegan tattoo ink uses logwood, carbon, and other ingredients instead of animal products that normal tattoo uses. But does vegan tattoo ink fade faster? To be straightforward, it doesn’t. 

Fading tattoos are majorly a result of poor aftercare, poor quality ink, and sun exposure. As long as these issues are taken care of, your vegan ink will last as long as normal tattoo ink. 

Read on as we clear the air for you.

Origin of the Vegan Tattoo Ink

Back in the day, most inks were non-vegan, so you can imagine a staunch vegan walking around with tattoos containing animal products. That doesn’t seem right.

You might wonder why this was, well, many ink companies kept the ingredient list secret. The negligence of regulatory bodies such as the U.S Food and Drug Administration to investigate these commodities only kept the matter deeper in the dark.

But word spread and the issue about animal products making tattoo inks came to light, and that is where the vegan tattoo ink came in, offering an alternative for vegans to express themselves through tattoos their way.

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Is vegan tattoo ink better than Normal Tattoo Ink?

Vegan tattoo ink is neither better nor worse than the normal tattoo ink, except from a cruelty-free standpoint.

It is not absurd to think vegan tattoo ink is better and safer because of its more natural components, although it’s not the case.

Like regular ink, vegan ink also contains some not necessarily good chemicals for you. The same effect regular ink has on your body is the same effect that vegan ink has.

So, vegan tattoo ink is only better if you choose it on the grounds of a cruelty-free lifestyle, but besides that, it is similar to most other normal tattoo inks.

What Makes Vegan Ink Last As Long As Regular Tattoo Ink?

Although vegan tattoo ink uses different ingredients than normal tattoo ink, it still contains every element required to manufacture a lasting tattoo ink.

No proof links the faster fading of tattoos to vegan inks. Still, there is enough evidence that poor quality ink, excess exposure to the sun, and poor tattoo aftercare are culpable for tattoos fading faster than expected.

Vegan ink contains a vegetable-based glycerin stabilizer rather than the glycerin found in animals. The vegan replacement has not compromised the ink quality a single bit by simply lacking animal products.

Vegan Tattoo Ink Time-Frame?

Just as regular ink tattoos, you can also expect tattoos done with vegan inks to last a lifetime. The reality, nonetheless, is that all tattoos eventually start fading, and vegan ink tattoos are no exception. 

There are ways to help prevent fading and maintain your tattoo’s brand new appearance for a long time. We have listed five of them for you. Read on!

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1. Stay Away from the Sun

This piece of information is widely known among tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. However, it deserves another shout because excess exposure of your tattoo to the sun will take its toll.

Before heading out on a sunny day, apply enough strong UV protectant and even extra if needed to the tattoo.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Have you come across someone with pale skin? Okay, it might be due to a completely different condition, but the skin reacts by becoming somehow pale when lacking adequate vitamins and minerals in this context. Bad foods and poor eating habits can lead to the deterioration of health.

Poor nutrition may take time to manifest its effects on the pigment, but finally, it shall. Consume antioxidants commonly found in blueberries, goji berries, acai berries, and food rich in carotenoid or betacarotene supplements to aid in melanin production and help maintain the vibrancy of your tattoo for years.

3. Avoid a Lot of Friction

Frequent exposure of your tattoo to constant friction is essentially over-exfoliating it, leading to fading over time. For example, athletes play games involving aggressive contact with equipment, ground turf, or other players.

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4. Don’t Add Too Much Weight

Adding too much weight over a short time dramatically affects the skin’s elasticity. The tattoo will stretch and make the ink molecules break apart, giving the appearance of a fading tattoo. Lifestyle choices will determine how you add or lose weight; adopt good eating habits to keep your weight in check.

5. Take Proper Care of your Skin Before and After the Tattoo 

Taking good care of your skin before and after getting a tattoo is important if you wish always to keep the latter looking fresh. For instance, dry and scaly skin does not offer a good setting for a tattoo. In the weeks before you see your artist, exfoliate and moisturize your skin to ensure it is smooth and ideal for a tattoo. 

The earlier you begin, the better because you will be able to try out various moisturizers until you settle for the most suitable and effective one for your skin.

It is not advisable to ignore your skin and show up for the tattoo with an unfavorable skin condition; that can leave a film that interferes with the needle and ink.

After getting your desired tattoo, you most likely understand that the days and weeks that immediately follow are crucial. Follow your artist’s aftercare routine or instructions diligently until you see the tattoo healing well.

Most people relax after the tattoo heals and fall back to their initial habits, but such laxity might cost you. Make a habit of taking care of your skin to prevent drying and becoming flaky.

What Benefits Come from Using Vegan Tattoo Ink?

Vegan ink for tattoos is made with animals in mind; the vegan ink supporters advocate for the harmonious coexistence between human beings and other animals.

But what benefits come from using vegan tattoo ink? To vegans, you can carry on with getting as many tattoos as you wish while upholding your beliefs.

Also, the more vegans support tattoo parlors, the less the demand for regular ink, meaning fewer inks containing animal products will be manufactured. See that! Vegans all over will jump for joy at such news.

The rumors that vegan tattoo ink is better and safer for you healthwise lack the proof to support these claims. So aside from it benefitting vegans and their lifestyle, there aren’t major benefits of choosing vegan ink over regular ink because they are similar in many other ways.


Adopting the vegan lifestyle is about distancing oneself from any animal product or by-product, including the regular tattoo inks containing animal products such as gelatin and bone char.

Vegan ink undoubtedly changed the game in the tattoo industry, allowing vegans who would otherwise never get tattoos to do so without compromising their beliefs, ink quality, or health and safety.

Whether you’re a veteran or a first-timer, taking care of your tattoo is important, and knowing vegan tattoo inks do not fade faster or slower than regular tattoo ink may be helpful.

Now go to that shop and get your vegan tattoo ink with a clear head. Cheers!

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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