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Hand drawn sketch of fly. Vector illustration.

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One of the most popular designs is the fly tattoo.

This type of tattoo features a fly dangling from its hind legs, flying away from its head. The meaning of this design is “you can’t catch me,” or “who is it that’s going to catch me?”

This kind of tattoo speaks to the fearlessness and fearlessness of a person who knows they will never be caught.

A common variation of this design has a moth on the fly’s back instead of a fly. In this case, it means freedom and escape.

You may also see variations with other insects or flies that have either wings or are missing them and are giving off some sort of signal, such as crossing their arms in front of their chest for “no” or sporting an arrow for “yes.”

Dragonfly tattoo meaning

A dragonfly is a common symbol of change, evolution, and freedom. It’s also associated with new beginnings and rebirth.

This type of tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women inked onto their thighs.

If you have a very large dragonfly on your lower-right thigh it’s a clear sign that you are willing to take risks in life and try something new.

Dragonflies are also symbols of transformation; be it the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly or the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

These tattoos are often small and delicate in nature because they represent the small changes that can make all the difference in the world.

They sometimes symbolize protection as well, which might be why this design is so commonly seen on women who are pregnant or nursing children.

Fly tattoo small

If you decide to go with the “small fly” tattoo, you will have a design that is relevant to your personal style.

This can range anywhere from butterflies and dragonflies to hummingbirds or even buzzing bees or flies.

These tattoos are very popular because they are both culturally relevant and aesthetically pleasing, so you should take time with your decision before getting it done.

Butterfly tattoo meaning

The butterfly may represent the desire to fly free from the bonds of everyday life, which can be anything from relationships to work to responsibilities, etc.

There isn’t any hidden meaning in most butterfly tattoos: It just means that you like butterflies and want them on your body!

House fly tattoo

A house fly with the word “fly” on its head is a popular symbol for those who want to stay on the move.

The meaning behind the fly that is holding a paper airplane represents the never-ending quest for knowledge.

In other words, it’s an action that will never stop and always reach new heights of success in order to soar ever-forward into the future.

It’s also a reminder of how living life at its best should be taken one day at a time.

The house fly tattoo can represent so many things: a person who doesn’t care about anything, simply taking fate into their own hands, or someone who just wants to live life without restrictions.

Most often, it’s used as a reminder that there are no limitations when it comes to reaching your goals and dreams.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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