How Much is Tattoo School in 2022?

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Do you have a gift or passion for art and thinking of delving into the tattooing industry?

No need to worry because I will answer most of the questions running through your mind, including the main question; how much is tattoo school in 2022? Well, the cost of enrolling in a tattoo school ranges anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars.

Tattooing can be an exciting and successful career, as it has been for several artists who have excelled in the industry. Still, it will take you to prepare yourself financially because it is a bit pricy.

Below, I will highlight the breakdown of the costs of tattoo school in 2022, including the crucial additional apprenticeship if you wish to perfect your craft after graduating from tattoo school.

So How Much is Tattoo School in 2022? (Plus Apprenticeship and Equipment Cost)

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The majority of tattoo schools require not less than 360 hours of schooling for you to graduate. Classes are often offered during weekends.

Tattoo school offers training and guidance on simple designs and appropriate sanitation in the whole tattooing procedure.

The cost of undergoing tattoo school is between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars for the course and tuition fees.

Three hundred and sixty hours of training to become a professional tattoo artist is not enough to become competent. So graduates need an apprenticeship and additional training to perfect the art of tattooing.

Tattoo Apprenticeship

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After going through tattoo school and graduating, it is important to undertake an apprenticeship with a veteran or professional tattoo artist to horn your skills.

In an apprenticeship setup, you will either cut a deal of working for free as you learn on the job or pay the professional tattoo mentor to teach you.

The fee for an apprenticeship can range from free to 10,000 dollars depending on the understanding of the tattoo professional you will choose to mentor you.

It is not easy to get an appropriate apprenticeship. Most professionals will require you to have a robust resume and grill you thoroughly before absorbing you.

Cumulatively, tattooing apprenticeships last 2 to 3 years and mostly work 45 hours per week.

Key Takeaways About Tattoo Apprenticeship

Here are a few things to consider before being a tattoo apprentice.

1. Apprenticeships are Not Payable

Most apprenticeships are not free, and all are unpaid. Some apprenticeships require you to trade labor in exchange for learning.

2. It takes Practice and Hard Work

God-given ability and talent are not enough to stand out and become an astute tattoo artist. You need to put in work, dedication, consistency, and have a teachable spirit. It is prudent to practice daily your drawing prowess during the apprenticeship.

3. You Should Have Passion for Art

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Tattooing is a very labor-intensive and delicate job. Your permanent injecting ink into a human body makes it a very serious job that requires a hundred percent commitment and concentration.

To have an easy time and go through your apprenticeship successfully, you need to be passionate about the craft. You need to love the art and desire to learn and be creative, always imagining and coming up with new designs.

4. You Should Practice Patience and Empathy

People don’t just put permanent marks on their skins for fun or the sake. People get tattoos for various reasons but mostly for the permanent remembrance of an ordeal.

Also, during tattoo sessions, most clients tend to vent and narrate stories behind the tattoos they are getting, so it is good to show patience and always be empathetic, always willing, and ready to offer a shoulder to lean on.

So once you decide to undertake an apprenticeship in tattooing, you should work on your skills in dealing with people and multiple personalities.

5. You Should Be Business Savvy

Becoming an astute tattoo artist goes beyond artistic and technical skills. Because you will need to know how to advertise your craft out there to gain more clientele, and when you have many clients, the financial aspect and business skills, in general, will come in handy for you.

As an apprentice, you will need to learn business skills such as marketing, accounting, and budgeting with the help of your professional mentor.

6. Apprenticeships are Costly

First of all, you will be required to pay for your apprenticeship duration. You will also most likely be required to buy your tools and equipment, for instance, needles and machines.

That means the process is costly, and you will need to be adequately prepared financially before embarking on an apprenticeship.

Tattoo Accelerator Course

The accelerator program gives tattoo students a simplistic step-by-step system they can use to perfect their skills in their quest to become professional tattoo artists.

The program gives you the platform to get feedback from professional tattoo artists with vast portfolios and experience in the tattoo industry.

The tattooing artist accelerator course will cost you approximately 49 dollars a month, running for 12 months.

Pro-tip: You can easily elevate from an amateur to a professional tattoo artist within 90 days. That is possible if you are self-motivated and willing to dive into advanced techniques for tattooing and seek advice and feedback from professionals.

Tattoo Equipment

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If you decide to extend your tattoo schooling to be an apprentice, you will be required to purchase your equipment and materials as an aspiring artist.

You need materials for creating the tattoo designs and the sanitary materials. I will highlight below the equipment and material you may need to purchase or possess as an apprentice.

  • The paintbrush is approximately 13 dollars.
  • Concentrated watercolors that go for 80 dollars.
  • Pencils for drawing that go for 10 dollars each
  • Marker pens for 41 dollars.
  • Tracing papers for 15 dollars each.
  • Acrylic paint for 30 dollars.
  • Watercolor paper for 38 dollars.
  • Procreate an app for 10 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tattoo School in 2022

1. What are The Requirements for Enrollment?

To be eligible for a tattoo school, you should have 18 years and above. You also be proficient in English because of the constant engagement with clients.

You also need to have a high school certificate or GED.

2. Are Jobs Opportunities Available after Completion?

Upon graduation from a tattoo school, some schools can hook up graduates with job opportunities with various established tattoo businesses that they have partnerships with.

Also, if you wish to volunteer and pitch as an apprentice, you may be absorbed permanently into the firm if you work properly and diligently.

3. Once Licensed, What are the Options in the Industry?

Upon successful completion and licensing from a tattoo school or apprenticeship, you may consider many options in advancing your career.

Most tattoo artists are self-employed, and you can go the same route if you have enough capital to rent a facility and all the equipment required to operate a tattoo shop. You may, on the hand, opt to use social media as your office and go to clients’ homes to do the tattooing when needed.

Alternatively, you can pitch and find employment where you will be paid on a commission basis. Commission as a tattooed employee ranges from 40% to 60%, depending on how good you are and your ability to attract and retain clients.

With the above options, you can organize yourself and see which option will fit you at that moment. But priority should be sharpening your skills and creativity and always having a learning spirit from your fellow industry artist.

4. Does One Need an Artistic Background to make it as a Tattoo Artist?

Being gifted artistically is a big added advantage in the tattoo industry. But with passion and desire to learn, you can still make it as a dope tattoo artist.

There is more to tattooing than just the art of drawing, for instance, precision and machine mechanics that you still need to learn and perfect.

Overall, it is prudent to have and understand the basics of drawing before enrolling in a tattoo school, apprenticeship, and setting up a tattoo business.


It is quite costly to enroll in a tattoo school in 2022. The apprenticeship is a bit costly too. That is why it is prudent to organize yourself financially and sacrifice your time for the course.

But if you end up being licensed after graduating and perfecting your craft as the years go by, you will develop a good name in the industry, and the rewards are tremendous. It is a very profitable industry if you put your heart, mind, and soul into it.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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