How to Cancel a Tattoo Appointment

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To assist you in preparing for the permanent addition of art on your skin, we have developed a detailed guide on how to cancel a tattoo appointment in case you have second thoughts and also, what to be aware of during booking appointments.

Have you filled an Instagram folder with tattoo-related bookmarks and decided you’re finally ready to get your first tattoo? Unsure about what will come next? We’ve got you.

Keep reading to find out more.

How to Cancel a Tattoo Appointment

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Call and cancel the appointment with courtesy. You just need to say “I value the work and time you put into it for me, and I am prepared to pay for the time you spent drawing it up for me, but I do not believe it is a suitable match for me. Please cancel my appointment, and I will share your contact information with anybody who inquires in the future.” 

Since it’s your money, you have every right to alter your mind. Keep in mind that you will likely not get it back if you have paid a deposit.

What to Know Before Booking a Tattoo Appointment?

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1. Each Tattoo Artist Has a Unique Booking Process

Almost every artist I’ve dealt with has a unique booking process. Some need you to fill out a form on their store or personal website, while others schedule appointments through Instagram or Facebook messaging, and some employ tattoo-booking apps.

Most of the artists with whom I’ve worked book through email. They require that customers make booking requests by email, often with specified criteria that the client must fulfill.

Research the artist’s booking processes and adhere to all directions and criteria. If you do not provide all the required information in the first booking request, it is possible to find out that your request is ignored, and you will not get an appointment.

2. There Will Be a Required Deposit

If you and your tattoo artist settle on a date for your tattoo session, a deposit will be required to secure and confirm the date. Tattoo deposits motivate customers to turn up for their appointments and pay expenses if a client cancels.

Generally, deposits are a percentage of the expected rate or a set price determined by the artist or store.

3. You May Not See the Tattoo Design Before Getting It

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Be aware that some tattoo artists may not reveal the design until the day of your session, although this is not a standard practice. 

It is something that many tattoo artists use to avoid significant design revisions and customer nitpicking. Almost all artists will make small tweaks and modifications to the design on the day of your visit, so you have the detailed artwork you desire.

4. The Tattoo Artist May Opt Not to Ink Your Design 

When appointment slots become available, tattoo artists in high demand are often overwhelmed with requests for appointments. Occasionally, they get hundreds of emails yet have a limited number of available appointment spaces.

Artists may choose not to create a certain tattoo design for various reasons. Perhaps it does not compliment their style. Perhaps your budget is not compatible with their current pricing. Perhaps they already have a similar tattoo and do not want to repeat it. Perhaps there are alternative demands that pique their attention more.

If your design is not picked, do not get discouraged or upset. You may always make the request later unless you get a response indicating that the artist is uninterested in the project.

5. You Should Anticipate a Delayed Answer

 As previously said, tattoo artists are company owners who must juggle many responsibilities. In 

addition to spending hours tattooing, they create unique tattoos and sketches, manage their social media profiles, perform their banking and money, purchase materials, and endeavor to maintain a family and social life.

Reviewing booking requests and replying to emails is time-consuming, so you shouldn’t anticipate a response immediately. Occasionally, artists may take weeks or even a couple of months to respond to your request for a tattoo appointment.

Be patient. Sending several emails requesting a status update or contacting an artist through Instagram direct message will not be welcomed and will further delay the process. Send your request again only if an artist or booking assistant advises you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get a Refund on a Tattoo?

Any competent tattoo artist will gladly comply. If they refuse, leave. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you should contact the studio and communicate your concerns about the design. They may agree to provide you with a refund or free revisions to bring the tattoo to your standards.

Can You Donate Blood After Getting a Tattoo?

You are eligible to give blood if you had a tattoo within the last three months and it is entirely healed. It was administered in a state-regulated facility using sterile needles and fresh ink. You fulfill all other donor eligibility standards.

Wrap Up

We completely realize that getting your first tattoo might be intimidating. We’re attempting to reinvent how individuals participate in the tattoo community, including making things simpler, more accessible, and less frightening for folks like you. 

This article explains that it is ok to cancel an appointment if you know the consequences. Additionally, we mentioned various things to know before booking a tattoo appointment so that you are well educated on all procedures to expect.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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