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The Punisher is a fictional vigilante character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The character was created by writer Gerry Conway and artist John Romita, Jr. with the first appearance of The Punisher in the debut issue of the company’s self-titled comic book series, released on November 5, 1964.

In his first appearances, the Punisher was a murderous vigilante who used his military training to kill criminals and mobsters in the service of his own personal vendetta against crime.

Many versions of the Punisher have appeared, some bearing resemblance to others.

Most commonly he has been portrayed as a Vietnam War veteran with combat experience who becomes obsessed with ridding society of criminals through any means necessary and who adopts various code names depending on his current role at that particular point in time.

The most common aliases include simply “The Punisher” or as part of another name such as Homeland In Extremis which was given to him by former S.H.I.E.L.D director Maria Hill during Secret Avengers Volumes 13–16 (2011–2015) before joining the team again for New Warriors Series #15 (2017).

Iron Fist tattoo Meaning

Iron Fist is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

He first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15, published in 1974, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane.

After debuting in Marvel Premiere #15, he was spun off into his own series (1976-1979), which ended after issue #47.

The character subsequently appeared sporadically throughout the 1970s and 1980s until 1995 when he was resurrected with volume 2 of the Heroes for Hire series by writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Perez.

Since then, Iron Fist has been featured regularly in various Avengers titles and other related Marvel publications with an additional ongoing series beginning in 2016.

The character has also had three limited series; two were written by Brian Michael Bendis while the third was written by Ed Brubaker.

The Iron Fist is one of several superheroes who originated during the Silver Age of Comic Books and have since appeared in modern comics, films, television programs, and video games.

Punisher tattoo on hand

The Punisher tattoo on their hand is a symbol of The Punisher’s violent nature. It is described as a skull with a machine gun and crossbones, along with a snake eating its own tail.

This design is also used as the logo for the comic book company Marvel Comics, which acquired the rights to publish Punisher comics in 1998.

The Punisher has become an icon of anti-establishment violence in literature and film, inspiring similar characters in fiction such as the DC Comics Batman villain The Joker.

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