Can You Use Regular Tattoo Ink for Permanent Makeup?

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If you are considering putting permanent makeup on your face, you must have thought of regular tattoo ink for permanent makeup as an option. But can you use regular tattoo ink for permanent makeup? The short answer is no.

Permanent makeup should look natural and, at the same time, beautiful on your face. Over the decades, permanent makeup has improved in pigments and tools used. However, you should know that permanent makeup done with tattoo ink does not fade on your face over the years.

Below are reasons not to use regular tattoo ink for permanent makeup.

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Why You May Not Use Regular Tattoo Ink for Permanent Makeup

Let’s check why you should not consider regular tattoo ink for permanent makeup for your face.

#1. Tattoo Ink Doesn’t Appear Natural on Your Face

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When applied to your face, regular tattoo ink may not look natural because it is more concentrated; hence the colors may appear sharper and brighter.

Your face’s skin is much thinner than the rest of the body; thus, the makeup should be smooth and natural.

The permanent makeup you choose to put on your face should blend naturally with your skin’s tone and undertone so that they don’t look too much on your face.

You should put on makeup that your skin can absorb and break down. Regular ink cannot be broken down or absorbed by your skin, so if you consider using regular ink as permanent makeup, you should cover it with Permanent makeup pigments that your skin can absorb and break down.

#2. Regular Tattoo Ink Does Not Fade

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Beauty trends tend to change over the years, so if you put on permanent makeup that does not fade, you may not be able to adjust to those changes.

Permanent makeup that fades within the years is the best because it allows you to adjust your look to new beauty trends.

Regular tattoo ink as your permanent makeup does not allow you to adjust to new beauty trends because it does not fade; hence, the only option is to remove it, which might not be easy.

#3. Regular Tattoo Ink Color Turns

If you use regular tattoo ink as permanent makeup, your brows or eyeliner may turn blue or green over the years.

Since regular tattoo ink is more concentrated, correcting the color when it turns may be challenging, unlike PMU pigments, whose color is simple to correct.

#4. Tattoo Ink Ingredients are Not Regulated

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Over the years, regular tattoo ink ingredients and formulas have been dangerous. Tattoo inks normally do not disclose all the ingredients, which may be harmful and should not be used on delicate skin such as facial skin.

The ingredients and formulas are not transparent; thus, there may be higher chances of allergic reactions on your skin.

#5. Regular Tattoo Ink Don’t Have Product Liability

Regular tattoo inks are not supposed to be used as permanent makeup; hence they do not have product liability insurance for use as permanent facial makeup.

Suppose you use regular tattoo ink as permanent makeup, and something goes wrong with your facial skin. In that case, you cannot blame the ink manufacturer because it was not manufactured for permanent facial makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Regular Tattoo Inks?

Regular tattoo inks are more concentrated and bold, bright in color, and made up of large molecules. 

What is Regular Tattoo Ink Made of?

Regular tattoo ink is made from heavy metals like lead, chromium, beryllium, cobalt-Nickle, arsenic, and antimony. 

What is the Difference Between Permanent Makeup Pigment and Regular Tattoo Ink?

Permanent makeup pigments have small particles that are less concentrated, allowing for a soft and natural color on the skin. At the same time, regular tattoo ink is more concentrated with large particles that result in sharp, bright, and bold colors on the skin.

Is Permanent Makeup Suitable for Everyone?

No, Permanent makeup cannot be applied by everyone, such as nursing or pregnant women, persons under eighteen years, persons with viral infections, persons with heart diseases, persons who have undergone organ transplants, persons with skin diseases, persons with lupus and, persons who are allergic to color and metal.

Do Permanent Makeup Fade Away?

Yes, permanent makeup does fade away completely with time. Most tattoo inks start to fade away from your skin from three months to three years.

The Bottom Line

Permanent makeup may sound like a good idea to most people because they won’t have to apply makeup every day, as most permanent makeup lasts for years.

However, from the above article, it’s clear that regular tattoo ink cannot be an option for permanent makeup because the risks involved outweigh the benefits.

Furthermore, there are better options can you can use for permanent makeup.

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