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Scarab beetle, tattoo style

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A scarab is a beetle that has a protective outer shell called an exoskeleton.

Its meaning is derived from the significance of this structure in ancient Egyptian culture.

It is believed that scarabs were used as amulets for protection and good luck, similar to talismans today.

In fact, many modern amulets also make use of this symbolism by imitating the shape and design of a beetle.

The symbolic meaning behind scarabs can be understood through the ancient Egyptian beliefs about them.

The Egyptians believed that scarabs were sacred because they symbolized rebirth or the resurrection of someone or something after death.

They are also symbols of immortality since they are known to live for eons. Moreover, it was believed that scarabs were symbols of femininity because their shells resemble those of women’s hands and feet.

Winged scarab tattoo meaning

The winged scarab tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for women. It was originally designed by Darelle Fawkes, an artist who specializes in creating jewelry.

In this particular design, the beetle’s body has been painted with colorful designs and its wings are inked in vibrant colors.

This design is typically a circular shape that is not uniform on all the beetle’s body.

The meaning behind this particular version is similar to that of the scarab tattoo, as it represents creation and change.

According to Fawkes, she wanted to create something new and exciting while also paying homage to ancient Egyptian art.

The symbolism of this type of tattoo stems from the idea that life goes on and no matter what happens, you can always create something beautiful, and new with beauty comes change.

Scarab meaning

The ancient Egyptians are famous for their large use of the scarab in their culture.

These beetles were believed to have magical powers that would protect the wearer.

Some scarabs even held amulets or other items for protection for humans.

In modern times, these beetles are still used as a symbol of rebirth and protection, but they also hold significance in Egyptian culture today as well.

Scarab tattoo small

When you have a small scarab tattoo, it symbolizes rebirth and the ability to live for eons. It also represents femininity because of its shell’s resemblance to a hand and foot.

Geometric scarab tattoo

If you’re interested in getting a geometric scarab tattoo, then consider choosing a design that is based on ancient Egyptian beliefs.

There are many designs that depict scarabs of this type in various forms, such as sketches, paintings, or designs.

Scarabs were first drawn in the form of images from stones or gems.

These drawings served as mnemonic devices to help Egyptians remember important information like secret names or words.

Among these drawings are scarab amulets with hieroglyphs and other symbols that meant something important to the Egyptians during their time period.

Of course, these drawings also served an aesthetic function since they were artistic depictions of beetles.

Scarab beetle hand tattoo


The symbolism of a scarab tattoo on the hand is derived from the significance of this insect in ancient Egyptian culture.

The beetle, which has a protective exoskeleton, is believed to be an amulet for good luck and protection.

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