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Snake tattoos are very common, with snakes being the most common choice of tattooing artists. But why so? Why do people get snakes as their body art? The reason is simple, and it’s a very primal one. Snakes strike fear in humans. They are venomous, secretive creatures that lurk in dark places and cause us harm without us even knowing it or seeing them.

This makes them an extremely frightening entity to look at, and thus they are used as a symbol of danger and death almost universally in several cultures around the world.

In some cultures, the snake is even seen as a blessing – more specifically, a blessing from the snake goddess who protects children. In other cultures, snakes are seen as evil creatures – more specifically, representations of malevolence and malice against man.

These associations become apparent when you investigate where these motifs originated from and what they mean. Here’s everything you need to know about snake tattoo meanings…

snake and dagger tattoo traditional

In ancient Mesopotamia, the snake was seen as a sign of fertility, growth and creativity. This is emphasized by the rich symbolism in the snake goddess’s image.

For example, she is said to wear a flower crown that references her role as “the mother of all life.”

The motifs of these images are quite clear when you consider that snakes were often associated with water, which was seen as a symbol of life in Mesopotamian thought. Additionally, it has been suggested that the serpentine body shape resembles the shape of a stylized vagina or womb – an important part of conception and growth in this culture.

rose and dagger tattoo meaning

The meanings of rose tattoos are two-fold. The first meaning is that the rose is a symbol of love and beauty, which may be why it’s so popular on women’s arms and other delicate parts of their body. It is also seen as a symbol of passion and sensualty, which makes its use on the nipple and other areas of the body very popular as well.

The second meaning comes from the name ‘rose tattoo’, which has come to associate with death over time. This is because people have thought that the rose tattoo would become a death sentence for its bearer or a lost lover or friend who could not be saved. Rose tattoos can also mean defiance in some cultures, but most often they relate to love and beauty.

snake wrapped around dagger, meaning

One of the meanings of a snake wrapped around a dagger is that it represents protection. The snake and the dagger are both ancient symbols and they represent two different things in this symbol – the snake is an ancient symbol for protection and order, while the dagger is an ancient symbol for destruction and disorder. When you see these two symbols together, you can see how intertwined they are as well as their different meanings.

It’s also a reminder that sometimes, you must balance both concepts to maintain harmony in your life.

dagger with eye tattoo meaning

The snake and dagger tattoo meaning is a symbol of protection. It is often called the “eye in the pyramid” because it combines both elements into one design. The eye represents the idea that we have all seen this before and thus know what to expect, while the snake protects us from harm. This tattoo can also represent you’re taking a stand against evil or being unafraid to bring out your best self.

You might like this design if you’re looking for a powerful, masculine, badass tattoo that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

skull and dagger tattoo meaning

The skull and dagger tattoo meaning is not as prevalent as the snake tattoo meaning. Not as many people choose to get a skull and dagger tattoo. However, when somebody does decide to get one, it’s usually for a specific reason.

To illustrate, the most common reason for getting a skull and dagger tattoo is to commemorate someone that has died or to signify that the wearer has died in combat. Another reason for getting this specific type of tattoo could be to represent death itself – a symbolism of life after death.

People who get this particular design may also want to signify their disobedience of society’s norms or values along with the admiration of anything rebellious. This can be seen through the idea that the skull represents something that must die and the dagger symbolizes its own kind of self-destructive nature (cutting oneself).

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