Tattoo on the Left or Right Wrist Meaning Explained

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If you love tattoos, I am sure you would love to know about a tattoo on the left or right wrist, meaning before you have one.

I love that wrist tattoos are visible with most outfits, and when in the right position, they draw the attention of other tattoo lovers.

Another advantage of having wrist tattoos is hiding them under your long-sleeved shirt or blouse when you don’t feel like exposing them.

Stick on as we learn more about tattoos on the left or right wrist plus their significance.

Choosing the Right Wrist Tattoo

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When choosing a wrist tattoo, remember that the design shouldn’t be too big and complicated since the wrist is a small area and might appear crowded.

Depending on your preference, you can get the tattoo on your right or left wrist. It’s also good to decide whether the tattoo should face you or the world.

The visibility in wrist tattoos is an indication that you carry the confidence in your world, and there’s nothing to hide. The tattoo signifies agility and precision to others, which inclines it to some spirituality.

Should I Go for a Left or Right Wrist Tattoo?

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Getting a left or right wrist tattoo is a personal preference.  You have all the freedom to decide which wrist to install your tattoo and don’t make it a societal decision.

Unlike other tattoos, wrist tattoos act as reminders of things close to your heart, which are more personal.

Some people feel that left wrist tattoos create a special attachment to your heart and feel more dominant, creating a sweet rhythm with your heart.

Other people believe that tattooing the right hand comes with logical and linear thinking and that those with right-hand tattoos love facts and have no chance of guessing; they are more into the real world.

Popular Tattoo Placements

A woman with a tattoo on her hand hides her face

At the top of the wrist: If you want a visible tattoo, place it at the top of your wrist, and people will easily notice it, especially when shaking hands. Be keen to ensure that your artist doesn’t get to the radius bone when tattooing, the feeling is uncomfortable.

Side wrist: This position is not common; however, it provides a large area for your tattoo artist to work with, especially if you want a large tattoo or writing.

Wristband: This placement works well if you want to encircle your wrist with a tattoo. It works like an armband tattoo, plus the wrist gives more flexibility in designs and tattoo styles.

Inner wrist: This position is above the palm and mostly accommodates small tattoos. The part near the forearm tendons moves a lot; hence not suitable for detailed tattoos. You can easily cover the tattoo when visiting places or jobs where they are restricted.

How Do You Design the Best Wrist Tattoo?

Size: The first thing that should cross your mind is the tattoo’s size, and it should not exceed your wrist size. A less complicated tattoo will take up a smaller space on your wrist.

Design: You may have many designs in your mind, but you must settle for a small one that keeps every design detail with your wrist. Remember that tattoos will last forever, and you should choose a design that will please you every time you look at them, and the spot should also be visible.

Color: Choose a good color that will be attractive to you and others. Please don’t settle for excess colors since they will likely distract the tattoo appearance. If you settle for another color apart from black, consider that color inks fade faster than lack when exposed to sunlight.

Placement: The location of your tattoo should be a great concern. After confirming your wrist tattoo’s right size and design, try and sketch what you expect from your artist. Do it on paper and place it on your wrist to check if it needs size, color, or orientation adjustments.

Talk to your artist: Communication is vital in tattoo inking. Let your artist know about your thoughts, and they will advise you on the way forward and help deliver the right picture.

Common Wrist Tattoo Designs

Anchor Design

The wrist needs a meaningful design, and an anchor is perfect. The anchor tattoo is associated with security and strength. It can remind you to stay anchored in tough times.

Bird Tattoo

If you have an art that gives you a feeling of freedom, a bird tattoo will serve you right. You can choose any bird species for the art keeping in mind that each bird has its meaning. For example, you can have a hummingbird to indicate joy and hope during tough times.

Cross Tattoo

The cross is often linked to the attachment to a certain belief. For Christians, it represents the sacrifice and love that Jesus had for humanity. The cross fits well on the small wrist and reminds you of the values of devotion and love. If a cross feels so simple, you can add a word or two to it.

Flower Tattoo

A woman with a tattoo on her hand holding a red rose in her hand

Flower tattoos are popular among women. I love my rose flower tattoo; it gives me a great feminine feel. A flower can be delicate and acts as a symbol of nature, brightness, and boldness. There are different blooms where you can choose one.

Is a Wrist Tattoo Painful?

The pain that comes with wrist tattooing varies with every individual and the type of tattoo. Your inner wrist can be more painful since the skin is very soft and sensitive, plus numerous veins are running on it. The outer wrist can be painful since the bones are near the surface.

Don’t worry about the veins; the tattooing needle doesn’t go that deep, even when you can see the veins on your inner wrist.

Do Wrist Tattoos Last?

The tattoos will last for a long time. The wrist is exposed, and the fading rate depends on the tattoo’s exposure and age. Dark colors are more vibrant than pale colors that fade quickly. Ensure sunscreen or cover your tattoo when you are out in the sun.

Which Side Should My Wrist Tattoo Face?

Heartbeat Henna Tattoo on a Person's Wrist

If it’s personal and motivating, let it face upside-down where you can read it. If you’re concerned about how it appears in mirrors and photos, an omnidirectional tattoo will save you the struggle in which direction.

Why Does My Wrist Tattoo Look Wrinkled?

If the tattoo is still new, the wrinkly look is normal, and it will disappear with time provided you take care of it. Another reason for the wrinkly look is creased ink. Don’t forget that the wrist is prone to wrinkles with age.

Final Thoughts

It’s upon you to decide whether you want a tattoo on your left or right wrist and whether you want it facing upside down or upright. You are entitled to your interpretation of your tattoo, and nobody should dictate how you should do it. Choose the best design that will please you when you look at your wrist and let it reflect the expressions of the real you.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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